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With this program for the whole family they see all the costs that are carried out daily. In addition, there are a variety of services such as data and addresses for roadside assistance, insurance companies, cooperatives, property companies with street ads over the Internet. By entering fixed costs, these are taken into account automatically without any further action. This means you always have an overview of your liquid funds, or about what is still due. If anything should change, you have the opportunity to do so at any time. Most of the data is automatically created. After first input, e.g. A street and house number to a contact, this can be called up immediately in the area of ​​appointment and contact and appears as it was created on the first booking. The same applies more or less in the field of finance, which, with first entry, e.g. a group this is stored and can be booked again and again.


Useraccounts (930kB)

Budget (1899kB)

Input (845kB)

Fixcosts (1393kB)

Vehicles (1595kB)

Contacts (1403kB)

Month (1829kB)

Search (1451kB)

System (1299kB)

Events (2675kB)

Overview (2080kB)